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Takahisa lives on Misora-jima with Kanna, a goddess who came to his house when he was a child and started living with him. He also has an imouto Miyu who is a gravure idol and is often away from home. That doesn’t mean things are quiet though, since Miyu’s best friend Serika idolizes Kanna and often causes a big ruckus. One day Serika comes in with big news: there’s a miko coming to the island!

What is this!? A big breasted idol imouto? A hyper aho kouhai? Another goddess that lives with the protagonist? You right there! Yes you! Stop everything and go play this!

Well I would be lying if I said I had absolutely no interest here, although however much I may like supernatural stories about gods / goddesses or anything that involves something abnormal, I cannot see this story working out in an interesting manner. Mostly due to a lax plot setup, with an obvious emphasis towards a basic eroge story structure relying on the cuteness of characters rather than making a game worth reading. Instead of trying to involve goddesses a story of this type I feel would be better off sticking purely to slice of life. The game would most likely change little whether Kanna was a goddess or not, so then what is the point of her being a goddess instead of a normal girl heroine?

That’s why you should play to find out~ Well, of course I’m a bit biased since I like Clochette. Wish there was a loli heroine though.

Onii-chan…. lolicon?

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]


★ Original title: あまつみそらに!
★ Romaji title: Amatsu Misora ni!
★ Aliases: あまみそ, Amamiso
★ Developer: Clochette
★ Publisher: Clochette & PROTOTYPE
★ Release date: 2022-11-25
★ Language: Japanese
★ Platform: PC
★ Rating: ♥18+
★ Format:  RAR (divided into 5 parts)
★ File size: 4.1 GB (unpacked)
★ Shops :  » JP¥ 3462 @ DLsite


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  2. Make sure you have set System Locale Japanese on your computer.
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  3. Apply the crack if needed.
  4. Enjoy the game.

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