Anekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami

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The baby-faced Shinkurou is loved by those who are older than him. His older sister Naoko says that she doesn’t want to spoil him, but that’s basically what she does. She was determined to make him a proper adult. However, the Finnish transfer student Kirsti, also known as the “Silver God of Death”, took an interest in him, which further worried Naoko. His surroundings quickly descended into a riot…

So, this is what happens in another universe where instead of me fighting over kouhais and imoutos, the older girls are trying to get a piece of your otouto. This is definitely a comedy (similar to Majikoi) primed for those who love onee-san and senpai charas. There’s only two main heroines and tons of subcharas, so does that mean we’ll get a ton of append discs like Majikoi again? I wouldn’t mind routes for the sheep and hamster, although I don’t want one for Mai Pantsu. 

The fully-animated OP is impressive, although I always find idols in games to be kinda pointless unless it’s the main plotline. Could have been done better, but well, you can never really trust Minato. When you think its terrible things turn out surprisingly well, and when you are expecting something good they turn out surprisingly bad. That said I disagree about the idol themes, they should always be secondary and mostly single character or route focused to give the game variety without the problems associated with the idol games


Title : Anekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami
Original Title : 姉小路直子と銀色の死神
Aliases : aneginAnekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami
Play time  : Medium (15h44m from 2 votes)
Developer : Minato Carnival
Language : Japanese

OPENING / Promotional Video Anekouji Naoko to Gin’iro no Shinigami


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