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D.C.Dream X’mas~ダ・カーポ~ドリームクリスマス
 is the latest Christmas fandisk for the D.C. series. The highlight are crossover stories where the characters from both D.C. and D.C.II appear together (in a wide array of santa outfits). In D.C. ~Christmas Mirai Koi Yume~, Junichi and his friends get caught in a sudden burst of light and end up 53 years in the future. Is this really what the future looks like? How will they return to their original time? In D.C. II ~Day Dream Believer~, Yoshiyuki is preparing the ‘sexy sushi party’ at this year’s Christmas party at Kazami Gakuen. He’s called by Sakura, but when he gets to her office, he finds a small iron door that he had never noticed before. Curosity got the better of him and he went through door, ending up in the school’s hallway during Christmas party preparations… half a century ago! He went back and got his friends to check it out too, but soon there’s trouble.

The year just would not be complete without one last DC game for Circus to suck even more money out of their pathetically pitiful fans wallets. If this is not an insult to consumers, I have no idea what could be. Apparently adding a santa suit and paltry crossover between games is enough to justify an entirely new game for Circus. If they were going to put their girls in santa costumes for christmas, the least they could do is change the santa myth to girls that fly around giving eroge to the good perverts that didn’t sexually assault anyone in the previous year.

As surprising as it is that people keep buying these games, Circus is the only one that offers something like a continued relationship with their characters. That is unlike other games where once it ends there is nothing new about a character no matter how much you like them DC just keeps going and going. For those sad and lonely people who get sucked into games like Love Plus obsessing over non existent characters, Circus has learned how to cater to them perfectly. If you think about it Circus is the digital equivalent of a pimp, they just keep on whoring out their characters for money.

I’ve been a good kid this year! Where’s my free eroge???

*Cough* Santa changed his name to Hongfire probably…

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]


★ Original title: D.C.Dream X’mas~ダ・カーポ~ドリームクリスマス
★ Romaji title: D.C. Dream X’mas ~Da Capo~ Dream Christmas
★ Aliases: DCDX
★ Developer: CIRCUS
★ Publisher: CIRCUS
★ Release date: 2015-11-20
★ Language: Japanese
★ Platform: PC
★ Rating: ♥18+
★ Format:  RAR (divided into 5 parts)
★ File size: 4.3 GB (unpacked)
★ Shops :  Getchu


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  2. Make sure you have set System Locale Japanese on your computer.
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  3. Apply the crack if needed.
  4. Enjoy the game.

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