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Evenicle 2
In a world were human civilization is constantly threatened by wild monsters, only the rare few individuals wielding forbidden skills dare fight them back. But these brave warriors have to face an even more dangerous menace… because with every Skill they use a terrible curse takes hold of their bodies.

It’s the Hero Syndrome: a mysterious power that causes humans to catch random diseases with every skill they use in combat.

Only Alex — a young medical doctor wielding the once lost healing Skill known as “Medica” — can ever hope to cure all the weird diseases spreading through the world. His unique power lets him administrate a miraculous drug synthesized by his body… through the seminal fluid contained in the incredible “syringe” between his legs!

In this tragic world appeared a young man, Alex, who was blessed with a legendary healing ability. His body fluids can cure any ailment without physical trauma. He set out to save the girls suffering from the ‘hero disease’.


Title : Evenicle 2
Original Title : イブニクル2
Aliases : 
Play time  : Very long (65h from 3 votes)
Developer : Alice Soft
Language : English, etc

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