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The second spin-off title of “Flyable Heart” is finally here!
In the previous work “Kimi no Nagori sways quietly”, I drew a serious and dramatic love pattern with the popular heroine, Mayuri Shirasagi, but in this work, many episodes that are light, fun and love-loving are recorded. !!
A story that reveals a mystery that was not revealed in the main story in the after & another story tied to each heroine. And you can enjoy a variety of stories such as naughty and messy stories with guests appearing from past brands that are connected to the world view ♪
Not only fans of “Flyable Heart” and Unison Shift, but also fans of Noizi Ito, who is in charge of the original drawings of the brand, are paying close attention to this work, which can be said to be a culmination!
The story of a fluttering love like a sparkling candy makes your stomach even more fluffy! ??

Flyable CandyHeart features the full cast of the original game as well as cameos from Nanatsuiro★Drops, Alice♥Parade, Peace@Pieces and Kiminago.

There are individual spin-off routes for each of the six FH heroines, the new routes for Yui and Suzuno are the final pieces to the multiple route mystery of the original game.

FCH also features three bonus routes; one for everyone’s favorite student council secretary Gumi-chan, one in which Shou has the opportunity to become even more intimate friends with Akira, and finally the mega crossover route.


Title : Flyable CandyHeart
Original Title : Flyable CandyHeart
Aliases : The future is always connected., フライアブル キャンディハート
Play time  : Medium (26h15m from 1 votes)
Developer : Unison Shift: Blossom
Language : Japanese
Shops : » JP¥ 1980 @ DLsite

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OPENING / Promotional Video

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