Hanagane Kanade * Gram – Chapter:2 Hananoka Sumire

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花鐘カナデ*グラム Chapter:2 花ノ香澄玲
Somewhere in Minato Ward, located in the bay area of Tokyo.

It is after school time on the day before Christmas, when if looking up you will see an overcast sky that might signal impending snow. Godai Tomori, a member of Twilight Club (the Do-Whatever club at Seiryou Academy), is more agitated than usual.

His fellow club members Yui, Kotona, and Kanade have dressed up as Santa and started a costume party, since it’s Christmas Eve. These girls are now surrounding him with their bewitching hips, their chests bulging out like they’re trying to seduce him with their oversized bosoms.
It’s a club gathering filled with erotic Santa Clauses… Nah, not really.

“All I want is, for there to be a lot of smiles and just a bit of happiness.”

Among those club members, here is this one junior who helped them with an affectionate smile on her face, Hananoka Sumire. The school’s rumor told that this petite girl has the largest cup size of all the girls in the club. A hidden pair of jumbo boobs.

She serves up a leftover homemade cake that was made for a request by the cooking club, her breast swaying all the while. At first glance, she seems like an attentive girl who is loved by everyone. But Tomori can sense it, that there is a slight distance between her heart, and those of everyone else…

What is the true meaning of those words she always says, that she kept repeating like a habit?

The slightly mysterious and fun, naughty story of Godai Tomori and Hananoka Sumire begins now.

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★ Original title: 花鐘カナデ*グラム Chapter:2 花ノ香澄玲
☆ Romaji title: Hanagane Kanade * Gram – Chapter:2 Hananoka Sumire
★ Developer: NanaWind
☆ Publisher: NanaWind
★ Release date: 2022-11-25
☆ Language: Japanese
★ Platform: PC
☆ Rating: ♥18+
★ Format:  RAR (divided into 4+ parts)
☆ File size: 4.20 GB (unpacked)
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