Hara Katsu! 3 ~Kozukuri Business Haigyou no Kiki!?~

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はらかつ!3 ~子作りビジネス廃業の危機!?~
One day, a letter arrives at the Ministry of Fair Labor, which has come up with support measures for couples suffering from infertility.
It was “impregnation activity” – abbreviated as “Harakatsu”, a malicious office that boldly conducts the impregnation business.
The actual situation seems to be a shady business that takes advantage of the woman’s desire to become pregnant, and the letter was from an anonymous woman who was a victim.

“I can’t forgive you! Of course I want a child, but I don’t want anyone else’s child.”

――Chizuru Kushiyanagi, an employee of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, who immediately set out to investigate.
Chizuru, who was convinced by interviewing around her office, went to the unscrupulous office – “Ichinowatari Detective Agency”.

On the other hand, the “Ichino Watari Detective Agency” in question was managed by Natsuko, a clerk.
Director Toya Ichinowatari frequently visits the office of his girlfriend Iori Shimokodate.
Touya’s good-looking guy (Kosai Saeki) takes over the important job of providing sperm.

Saeki Kosai originally specialized in performing arts research,
Using that connection, he succeeded in attracting a woman who wanted to donate sperm.
He seemed to be doing reasonably well when it came to Harakatsu.

At such a place, Chizuru Kushiyanagi of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare comes in.

“I, Chizuru Kushiyanagi, will crack down on your unscrupulous business!”

What will happen to Harakatsu and the Ichinowatari Detective Agency?
A new “Harakatsu” begins now!!


★ Original title: はらかつ!3 ~子作りビジネス廃業の危機!?~
★ Romaji title: Hara Katsu! 3 ~Kozukuri Business Haigyou no Kiki!?~
★ Aliases: Hara Katsu! 3
★ Developer: Interheart Glossy
★ Publisher: Interheart Co., Ltd.
★ Release date: 2018-11-02
★ Language: Japanese
★ Platform: PC
★ Rating: ♥18+
★ Format:  RAR (divided into 3 parts)
★ File size: 2.4 GB (unpacked)
★ Shops :  Getchu




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  4. Enjoy the game.

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