HOOKSOFT 20th Anniversary Royal Box 2002-2017

HOOKSOFT 20th Anniversary Royal Box 2002-2017 | Moegesoft


A great package to commemorate the 20th anniversary of HOOKSOFT is now available! HOOKSOFT 20th Anniversary Royal Box 2002-2017
Includes 15 HOOKSOFT works from 2002 to 2017 and many mini FDs!
That nostalgic title is compatible with the latest Windows 10!
The debut work “To Cats After the Rain” is specially recorded on a newly written drama CD!
In addition, a lot of special digital contents of various titles are recorded!
Lots of content that is no longer available, such as soundtracks and store bonus CDs!
It is a luxurious specification of the package drawn by Mr. Hiromitsu Takeda & Mr. Takaya Ki!

Anniversary packs that you can’t get anywhere else will be a special limited edition made to order!

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Title : HOOKSOFT 20th Anniversary Royal Box 2002-2017
Play time  : –
Developer : HOOKSOFT
Language : Japanese
Shops : Official

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