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This is Yatagarasu’s debut work. Chihiro likes his imouto Rina, but she doesn’t want him around. In fact, Rina loves her older sister Matsuri, who in turns likes Chihiro! In the midst of this (taboo?) love triangle, their scientist parents sent them some packages and Chihiro opened them and found some weird stuff. His father returns shortly after with a strange girl and introduces her as an android named Kokoro. Not really any interest in this and the graphics lack depth. Dancing android in OP is weird.

Simple solution here, Chihiro just needs to like his older sister instead and all problems are solved. This way not only does he get an undoubtably much better girl, but in the process he gets to spite and spurn the tramp that is his little sister. It’s a win win from all perspectives. I honestly have no idea why but I have to confess to being a bit interested in this game. I suppose I am simply interested in how the routes play out in such a situation. It is after all a bit different from the normal setup for siblings in these games. Or so I would like to say, the art however really makes me cringe, I do not think I could really put up with seeing some of those CGs for any length of time, especially when considering how top-heavy certain characters are…


Title : Kokoro no Sumika
Original Title : ココロの住処
Aliases : A Home of Kokoro, Kokoro no Sumika
Play time  : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer : Yatagarasu
Language : Japanese

OPENING / Promotional Video Kokoro no Sumika



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