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Lyrical DS contains eight after stories of the Lyrical Lyric heroines. Also, heroines from Miraroma and Konneko appear. You can enjoy dramatic love stories with them.

Eight dramatic stories (Stories) that color with girls

■ “Futari wa Itsumo Sakurairo” SIDE: Asakura Nanao (Lyrical ♪ Lyric)
A year later. Takuto and Nanao are in their third year. The two of them are still in love as usual, but they realize that they didn’t actually go on a date that was supposed to be a date.
With the encouragement of those around them, they start dating while being conscious of each other, but…!?

■ “Takami Rin’s dress-up course” SIDE: Takami Rin (Lyrical ♪ Lyric)
Takuto and Suzu are half-cohabiting while keeping it a secret. Meanwhile, Suzu proposes a date, but the destination is a lingerie shop!?
Alone in a small changing room, Takuto is on the verge of being knocked out after trying on risqué underwear. But that was only the beginning of the dress-up course that will be held later!

■ “Finger Cutting After” SIDE: Kuu (Lyrical ♪ Lyric)
Kuu remains in this world and begins living with Takuto. Graduation and the important day afterward were just around the corner, and the two were looking back on the days they had spent together.
One day on the way home, a scene of the same daily life as usual. This forces Takuto to make an important decision.


★ Original title: リリカルDS
★ Romaji title: Lyrical ~Dramatic Stories~
★ Aliases: Lyrical DS
★ Developer: Marmalade
★ Publisher: Marmalade
★ Release date: 2008-06-27
★ Language: Japanese
★ Platform: PC
★ Rating: ♥18+
★ Format:  RAR (divided into 4+ parts)
★ File size: 3.7 GB (unpacked)
★ Shops :  Getchu


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