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まましす 〜お母さんとわたし、どっちがいいの?〜
“To have sex with Yuuma-kun… I don’t have the face to match your father.”

Mirei Yasojima, a woman who took care of me while working as a live-in at my home – Pension YAYOI in place of her father, who moved to Tokyo alone after her mother passed away due to illness.
In the summer of the third year after her father left for Tokyo, Mirei-san, who had a rich motherhood and looked up to her like a real mother, happened to happen to me, and I became a man-woman relationship. Oops.
I was lonely after losing her mother, and Mirei was lonely because she lost her husband a long time ago.
We overlapped our bodies to fill each other’s loneliness.
Nor is it adultery. Nor are they blood relatives. The fact that we are quite far apart in age and that I am still a student.
Aside from that, even if Mirei-san and I became friends, there was no problem. It shouldn’t have happened, but…

Mirei has two daughters – the eldest daughter “Misa” and the second daughter “Miu”.
These two are also living together in our home, Pension YAYOI.
Minimum! “Perverted!” “I don’t care how you curse me.” I thought so, but…

“Misa-nee” said, “It’s unfair, mother,” and ran away with tears overflowing from her eyes.
Misa-nee hurriedly turned to me after Misa-nee-

“I’ve loved you for a long time… I don’t like that with my mother. It’s cheating, both of you…’


Titles : Mama Sis ~Okaa-san to Watashi, Docchi ga Ii no?~
Original Title : まましす 〜お母さんとわたし、どっちがいいの?〜
Aliases : Mamasis, Mamasisu, Mamashisu
Play time  : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer : Boot Up!
Language : Japanese
Shops : Getchu | DLSite



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