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It was said that in July 1999, the chains binding the despicable demon king in the depths of Hell will come loose and 666 demons will spill out into the human world, wrecking chaos upon mankind. However, when the date arrived and the gates of Hell opened, the demons quickly decided that it was impossible to rule over 7 million humans when they themselves did not number more than 700, and chose instead to assimilate into human society.

Ten years later, most people enjoy a peaceful life without knowing the events of the past. The demons settled in the small town of Misaki near the Kanto Sea and lived happily away from the public eye… until a girl who called herself the ‘demon king’ transferred into their school.

There’s angels, demons and humans (including the plain protagonist Rentarou). You could say it’s just like another Tsuyokiss, a wacky love story with a school setting, albeit with a supernatural element and plenty of fighting. It’s a formula that works for them and their sub-brands, so it should be well received.

I can only find myself heaving a wearily resigned sigh at Maoten. Reason being there is absolutely no purpose to the setting aside from looking for some arbitrary rationale behind placing characters in a high school. I am fine with the inclusion of demons and whatever else the fevered dreams or nightmares of the writers come up with, such things only add spice when done well. But! And this is a gigantic but, that all hinges on the creators being able to match the round peg to the round hole, and not stubbornly try to force the square where it doesn’t belong. In other words, just change the damn setting to match your characters. 

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri~!]


Title : Maoten
Original Title : まおてん
Aliases : – Maoten
Play time  : Long (37h30m from 5 votes)
Developer : Candy Soft
Language : Japanese
Shops : » JP¥ 13706 @ DLsite (bundle)
» JP¥ 8580 @ DLsite

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