Nope Nope Nope Nurses [EN]

Nope Nope Nope Nurses


Yamada falls into the clutches of the “OG Three,” a triple threat of veteran nurses!

■Who are these sinister veterans who even nurses said to have the worst personalities fear?

“Begrudging Nurse” Tachibana, “Insidious Nurse” Kurokawa, “Violent Nurse” Yamaguchi, and “Demotivational Nurse” Hiramatsu. Just like the rumors said, this hospital’s got nothing but nurses with the worst personalities. But I had no idea there could be anybody worse than them!

They’re not just nasty… They’re pure evil. That’s what Yamada would say about these seasoned nurses. Some are obsessive, some wicked, and others unpredictable. They’re the absolute worst—and that’s what makes them the best!

■A Story That’s Gaining Speed!

Man, all I did was break some bones and get hospitalized. And yet everyone treats me like the scum of the earth! Plus, recently things here have been feeling off. Like there’s a dark cloud hanging over you no matter where you go…

The basic gameplay loop is that these awful nurses give main character Yamada a hard time, over and over again. But they’re very creative, so it never gets stale—and this time, the story that’s been waiting in the wings is finally taking center stage.


The Story

One day, I broke both of my hands and ended up in the hospital.

The truth is that I have a mysterious illness where if I don’t bust a nut every three hours, my balls will start to hurt. And since I can’t use either of my hands, I had to have the nurses at the hospital jerk me off. 

 Sweet, gentle nurses, doing this and that for me… That’s what I imagined would happen. But apparently everyone that lives around here knows that this hospital has nothing but nurses with the worst personalities!


★ Original title: 搾精病棟 ~邪悪なるお局ナースが潜む病院で調教生活~
★ Romaji title: Nope Nope Nope Nurses / Sakusei Byoutou ~Jaaku naru Otsubone Nurse ga Hisomu Byouin de Choukyou Seikatsu~
★ Aliases: –
★ Developer: Dark One!
★ Publisher: Shiravune
★ Release date: 2023-01-20
★ Language: English / Etc.
★ Platform: PC
★ Rating: ♥18+
★ Format:  RAR (divided into 2 parts)
★ File size: 1.02 GB (unpacked)




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  1. Extract files from rar folder.
  2. Make sure you have set System Locale Japanese on your computer.
    (How to…? Go to Tutorial)
  3. Apply the crack if needed.
  4. Enjoy the game.

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