Obscene Guild -Katayoku no Datenshi-

Obscene Guild -Katayoku no Datenshi-


 There is a world where magic is highly admired. However, various wars and conflicts often happen there. People are tired of it and start forming their own guilds. One of them is called “Desperate Angel with One Wing” formed by evil people. It is kind of an underground group. The protagonist is a member of the group and has a special power that he can control girls as he likes. One day, he receives a job offer…

The kingdom of Lea Stor, a magical country that has produced palace wizards of various nations, is based on the actual obituary of the king.  Currently, he had a successor problem.

Two people who are candidates for the next king, The first prince of Atos Fal Reeventor, who is a prince.

Although he had political power, his role as a wizard and the popularity of the people were not as good as those of the second princess Dear, Maria Fonte Reason, and many of the country’s heavyweights recommended her.
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Title : Obscene Guild -Katayoku no Datenshi-
Original Title : ObsceneGuild -片翼の堕天使-
Aliases : オブシーンギルド
Play time  : Unknown
Developer : Yatagarasu
Language : Japanese


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