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Paradise Lost
Sodom is a city abandoned by God, a cursed Hell. It was once a big city, fabled for its prosperity, but along with the collapse of the ancient civilization, it became Paradise Lost, the Isolated City. Filled with miasma (the remains of the great war), its polluted grounds are dominated by lunatics and fiends, such as cyborgs who changed their flesh to machines or freaks who are the products of genetic engineering. Its realm and providence, The Strong Eats The Weak, has no room for compassion or love. This city can be described as a miniature garden of Asura, the closest place to Hell in the whole world.

And in the Isolated City, the capital of violence, there is a person feared by the nickname “Death Seize”: Ryle, the protagonist of this story. He had never questioned the city’s ways, but one day he met a girl named Lil in the M section of the city, its bottommost layer… And while he spent time with her, he started to slowly change.

Together with Lil, Ryle goes on a travel outside of the city, to Zoar, and confronts powers of the “Outside World” that throw the city into chaos to fulfill the prophecy. Lost memories. One whom he does not want to lose. The heirs of the Original Sin of Adam are heading towards Ethernal Zoar to reach Adam Kadmon. What will actually manifest in the sky of the demons’ capital? Heaven’s Gate? Hell’s Cauldron?

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Titles : Paradise Lost
Original Title : Paradise Lost
Aliases : Paralost, パラダイス・ロスト, 失楽園, Shitsurakuen
Play time  : Long (32h22m from 6 votes)
Developer : light
Language : Japanese
Shops : Getchu

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