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One day, during a mission with a 0% danger probability, an A-class adventurer Kaitos comes across a mysterious witch and accidentally disrupts her ritual. As a result, many evil spirits called Binds are released into the world and Kaitos, being affected by the ritual too, doesn’t have much choice but to start helping the witch in sealing the Binds that have been set free.

Enlisting the support from his friends both new and old, our hero sets out on a quest which ends up being much more complicated than a simple Bind hunt…


A world where two continents once separated by the thick fog that covers the ocean.
The year when the fog suddenly disappeared and people were enthusiastic about the new continent that appeared and its exploration is now far away–
50% of the Colwade continent, once called the “New World,” has been traversed, people’s passion for adventure has subsided, and only a handful of adventurers continue to challenge the unknown.

But don’t forget.
With a long history of war, with swords, magic and the power of God, there are no endless dangers or miracles.
If you break the seal, you have to fight the sword.
In order not to lose something important.


Title : Pastel Chime 3 Bind Seeker
Original Title : パステルチャイム3 バインドシーカー
Aliases : Pascha3Pastel Chime 3 Bind Seeker
Play time  : Long (45h from 1 votes)
Developer : Alice Soft
Language : Japanese
Shops : » JP¥ 2530 @ DLsite

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