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Hayato has yearned for a heart-throbbing romance for a long time, but instead is bored wasting away time every day. He wishes to fall in love like in an eroge, but everyone around him just makes fun of him for it. But that’s what every guy wants, right? Is it really so wrong to want such a relationship?

In the middle of November, a small chance appeared when he was asked to work part-time at the popular bakery restaurant, La Pivoine. Finding himself in a situation he never imagined being in, he thought to break free of his current norm. He agreed to work there and acquainted himself with the staff: Sora, his childhood friend who has no interest in falling in love; Shiho, the store manager whose lover is her job; Moemi, the moodmaker part-timer who treasures her family over all; Arisa, his underclassman who hasn’t found her ideal partner; and, Ayumi, his cousin who is still early for love.

Finally, he takes the first steps towards his own love.

I’ve been looking forward to SMEE’s next game for some time and this one feels just like LoverAble, with a good balance of romance and comedy. Similar to their past games, there’s plenty of texting and outfit changes. You can also choose between doing the confession or being confessed to. The protagonist is an university student, but still super hetare. He also has an imouto Karina, who isn’t all too smart. I really enjoyed the trial, especially angel ‘Anal Breaker’ Ayumi and the ass sisters, so this is definitely at the top of my list for this month.

A standard job setting romance title. Ignoring the story seems to be the only option as there is none to speak of, thus the game will stand or fall on characters and writing. Obviously this makes it more of a Micchi game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t hope the game turns out well. It is never bad to have more relaxing games that are simply fun and enjoyable to play.



Title : Pure x Connect – Full HD Remaster
Original Title : ピュア×コネクト フルHDリマスター
Aliases : – Pure x Connect – Full HD Remaster
Play time  : Medium (24h from 3 votes)
Developer : SMEE
Language : Japanese

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