Queen Buongior-no! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~

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A story of love and lust that hasn’t changed even after a thousand years.

A thousand years ago. It was a peaceful era with almost no wars over territorial contention.
It is largely due to the existence of “heaven”. The Princess of Blessing is born alone among her bloodline and promises a rich supply of blessings to the territories of the nations.
In this way, a lineage that produced princesses of fertility for generations united the people, and the royal family was born. The royal family unites neighboring countries and gradually expands its territory without war.
However, as the years went by, the royal family’s negligent attitude and the way they looked down on other countries increased. Countries’ suspicions swell, and after several hundred years since the founding of the country, the times begin to show signs of change.

A mysterious transfer student who suddenly appeared. A mysterious school nurse who took the place of the previous homeroom teacher who was hospitalized due to an unforeseen accident.
For some reason, the chairman of the disciplinary committee who only gets involved with the main character, and the cute underclassman. something gets caught Something…
What I remembered was that scene from the daydream that the protagonist saw. Is that a dream or just…?
An incandescent battle that sparked across time and space. A transfer student. Discipline chairman. Those who fought to the death in their previous lives are approaching with love and passion!


Title : Queen Buongior-no! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~
Original Title : Queenボンジョルの!~女王は制服を脱いだ~
Aliases : Queen Bonjour no!, Queen Buongiorno!, The story of Queens and School girls for 1000 Years.
Play time  : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer : G.J?
Language : Japanese
Shops : Getchu

OPENING / Promotional Video Queen Buongior-no! ~Joou wa Seifuku o Nuida~



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