Re CATION ~Melty Healing~

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Re CATION ~Melty Healing~ 
Spring – the season of new beginnings

You’ve barely been a fully fledged working adult for two years when your life is shaken-up by a sudden job transfer to a branch office in a new town. Despite the unexpectedness of it all, you manage to find an apartment and get settled in.

You make your introductions to the office and meet your quirky boss and new co-workers. Hot-off introductions, you are shoved into a leadership role of a new major company initiative. Feelings of anxiety, excitement, and optimism roil within you as you begin to adjust to your new life and responsibilities.

As fate would have it, the encounters do not stop at your new coworkers – the Spring of your love is finally set in motion…

In the new office, a boss who seems to have a habit and new colleagues.
In addition, a big role that was suddenly shaken. With a mixture of anxiety and expectations,

Some encounters will come to you who have begun to live in the new world.

That is the future life–
It was a big encounter that could have an impact on my life.



Title : Re CATION ~Melty Healing~
Original Title : Re CATION ~Melty Healing~
Aliases : ReC∧TION ~MeltyHealing~
Play time  : Medium (21h26m from 4 votes)
Developer : hibiki works
Language : Japanese

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