Ren’ai Harem ~Daisuki tte Iwasete~

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恋愛はーれむ ~大好きって言わせて~
Naoki’s father was a world-renowned doctor who often travelled overseas. When his parents left during the summer, he ended up staying at his neighbour and childhood friend Seika’s place. He thought of her as a precious friend, and one day she was more assertive than usual. It’s been 30 years since a certain comet had come close to Earth, and the comet’s tail passing by resembled a bridge across the Milky Way. It is said that a couple that get together on Tanabata will live happily ever after. Seika decided to do her best to convey her feelings to him at this time.

A standard romance title with a common theme (Tanabata), your usual cast (imouto included of course), balloons and lesser-known seiyuus. There’s too many better games this month and subchara Kaoru is annoying as hell. They call her a moodmaker. She definitely puts me in a bad mood. Pass.

I am truly impressed by Pajamas soft, they managed to create a character that annoyed Micchi, that hasn’t happened since Chinami I believe, so congratulations on becoming a rarity. Not that I feel any differently about the game of course, since I would rather be lashed with bamboo than take part in this Tanabata.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]


Title : Ren’ai Harem ~Daisuki tte Iwasete~
Original Title : 恋愛はーれむ ~大好きって言わせて~
Aliases : 恋愛は~れむ ~大好きって言わせて~, 恋愛☆は~れむ~大好きって言わせて~, 恋愛☆ハーレム~大好きって言わせて~, 恋愛♥はーれむ ~大好きって言わせて~, Ren’ai Harlem
Play time  : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer : Pajamas Soft
Language : 日本語
Shops : » JP¥ 7945 @ DLsite

OPENING / Promotional Video Ren’ai Harem ~Daisuki tte Iwasete~



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