Rhapsodic Holiday


Asuma is an amnesiac who was guided by the talking owl Poritan to the town of Hisuigaoka, which was rife with phantom thieves. After many twists and turns, he ended up joining a group of phantom thieves who were normal students by day, but operated during the night.

One day, the school principal Uta, who was also one of their clients, asked them to steal the emotional energy (FCP – Fragment Component Partes) which was being used for evil deeds. He had the feeling that excitement lies ahead in his future, but also felt a tinge of nostalgia.

“It’ll be the key to regaining your memories.”

This game is all over the place, with magicians, androids, thieves, ninjas… and a talking owl that loves whisky and pistachios. I guess every phantom thief needs a classy sidekick. Game’s probably quite a hoot, but I’ll be looking elsewhere.

There have been many games over the years with chaotic stories which make little to no sense. This time however I am just in awe at their fevered devotion to Confiture’s lord and savior, chaotic insanity. 

Normally many eroge seem to choose their plot from a random strip of paper chosen out of the director’s hat. Rhapsodic Holiday feels as though they made the hat, were all fired up and ready to choose when someone brilliantly suggested throwing the hat in the air and using all of the plot suggestions at once to cover all bases. 

This apparently somehow seeming like a good idea to the rest of the staff whereby they went ahead and made it happen. Much to the chagrin of the rest of the thinking world who happen to gaze upon this dark bible of madness. 


Title : Rhapsodic Holiday
Original Title : ラプソディックホリデイ
Aliases : ラプホリ, Rhapholi, Rhapho
Play time  : –
Developer : Confiture Soft
Language : Japanese

OPENING / Promotional Video Rhapsodic Holiday


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