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ILLUSION’s new work [Room ガール] has released the Chara maker experience version.
According to the usual practice, the initial version is also to let the gentlemen pinch the characters first, so that you can seamlessly connect to the official version.
What’s interesting is that this work no longer makes you the protagonist, but lets you play the daily life of the girl in your mind.
The lazy bag is a bit like a Sims concept.
What kind of girl you want her to be…all in your hands.

I tried it for the time being, but…
As a frank impression, “I do not know what is different from HoneySelect2”
The texture seems to have improved, but it feels like nothing has changed other than that as a function.

As usual, the face variations I can make are thin, and I feel that it is difficult to make faces of other types by myself, as the main one is the beautiful loli type.
In recent years, the quality of character make-up games has improved, but this one is a little disappointing and disappointing.

It seems that the number of parts such as hairstyle and pubic hair will not be added from HS2.

This work is a 3D life simulator with an increased sense of life, but is it a modern version of an AI girl?

Depending on the content…
The impression is that it is an extended version of HS2. If this is the character makeup trial version, it’s a bit subtle to buy. . .


Title : Room Girl
Original Title : Roomガール
Aliases : –
Play time  : –
Developer : ILLUSION
Language : Japanese

Shops : DL Site | Getchu

Sistem Requirements

Compatible OS: Windows 10/11
Environment compatible with DirectX 11
“NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060” or “AMD Radeon RX 480” or higher *3
Wheel mouse/keyboard, display resolution 1280 x 720 or higher (16:9 ratio only)
Intel Core i3 8100 or higher *2
Main Memory 8GB or more
VRAM 3GB or more ※4
Intel Core i7 8700 or higher *2
Main Memory 16GB or more
VRAM 6GB or more
*1 32bit version and touch operation are not supported. Environments using virtual software are not supported.
*2 Intel CPU is recommended.
*3 Graphics card is required. “Built-in CPU” or similar graphics systems are not supported.
*4 If the VRAM is 3GB, set the drawing level to “Performance”.

Review / Promotional Video Roomガール



RAR Password :


  1. Extract files from rar folder.
  2. Make sure you have set System Locale Japanese on your computer.
    (How to…? Go to Tutorial)
  3. Enjoy the game.

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