Ryuusei☆Kiseki -Shooting Probe-

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Due to many satellite accidents, the world was littered with countless space debris. Space development had been suspended and people’s dreams of reaching the stars were stalled. Hayato decided that he could not wait such a long time for all the space debris to clear and development to resume, so he set out to build a model rocket which will be able to pierce through the debris. He continued to try despite repeated failures and the cool gaze from those around him.

On his 99th try, he thought he had finally attained success until his rocket collided with something. Running to the crash site, he found a naked girl holding a rocket. She opened her eyes and introduced herself as Twink, a space probe who had come to investigate Earth. However, she was unable to break away from Earth’s gravity due to the collision with his rocket. He promised to help her return to her home star.



Title : Ryuusei☆Kiseki -Shooting Probe-
Original Title : 流星☆キセキ -SHOOTING PROBE-
Aliases : Ryuuseki
Play time  : Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer : Unison Shift: Accent
Language : Japanese

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