Senren * Banka: A Thousand Colors of Love [EN]


Senren * Banka: A Thousand Colors of Love is a Japanese-style visual novel produced by Yuzusoft, a Japanese developer of romance VNs. This game commemorated Yuzusoft’s 10th anniversary.

This is an iyashi-kei story with both a serious side and slapstick romance, with a rural setting and a traditional Japanese feel reminiscent of Tenshin Ranman. The graphics are now in 1920×1080 full HD, and they have implemented a flowchart system seen in other games. You can’t really go wrong with a YuzuSoft title, although I have to admit I haven’t played the last few. Cute sword is cute.

The village of Hoori lies deep in the middle of the mountains, inaccessible by rail. Since there isn’t much interaction with its surroundings, the town seems like it is stuck in the past. However, it is because of this exact olden feel and subsequent development that it has turned into a nice hot-springs town for tourists.

One of the popular sightseeing spots is the legendary katana Murasamemaru, embedded in stone. No one has been able to pull it out… until Masaomi somehow broke it in half. He has to take responsibility for his actions: “Marriage” with ‘shrine maiden princess’ Yoshino!? He was perplexed at the unexpected turn of events, but this is only just the beginning. What lies ahead for him is a much more peculiar and mysterious life, including his new fiancée, a mysterious girl who only he could touch, and the secret behind the curse that remains on the town.

What will become of Masaomi’s love amidst his rapidly changing life? The answer lies within the Murasamemaru in his hands.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri!]


Title : Senren * Banka
Original Title : 千恋*万花
Aliases : Senren * Banka: A Thousand Colors of Love
Play time : Long (42 hour 12 min)
Developer : Yuzusoft

Language : English 
Shops : » US$ 34.95 @ MangaGamer

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