Tsukikage no Simulacre -Kaihou no Hane-


During summer vacation, Seiichi received an invitation letter from his dear cousin Rei who he hadn’t seen since he moved. Seiichi who initially only stayed for 3 days was extended until the summer vacation was over. Because Seiichi had to take part in the Kisaragi Family’s Living Puppet Ritual. Rei, who reminded her not to be captivated by the charm of the doll. But, one night Rei felt strange about the state of the house checking around. He found a door where the doll was kept. When opened the doll disappears, and when he turns around he meets a girl. The girl was named Kurenai but was very similar to Rei. Who is she really? Rei or Kurenai? Or…

What is Tsukikage no Simulacre?

Imagine yourself returning to the mansion once in a while. And the mansion is filled with dolls and among those dolls, there is a doll that is alive and they call it the living doll. At the same time, killings are happening in the mansion. Who is the killer?

“A hidden mystery”

After reading the Synopsis, you will see a mysterious theme in this Visual Novel. Due to the mixed plot used in the story, the atmosphere of mystery will be increasingly felt and we will be confused. The story will be increasingly felt in the middle, and will damage all the hypotheses of the players. Quite challenging right?

“Music and design game”

The music that makes the atmosphere of mystery increasingly felt is in this Visual Novel. Not only in a dark atmosphere, but the music in the story almost makes the hair stand on end when playing alone. What’s more this is a mystery dealing with dolls, a little scary though. Then the picture is good and comfortable to look at, so the picture quality is what your friends expect.

Some interesting features and a flowchart system

This Visual Novel is one of the Visual Novels of its era. Because it has a CG Stand feature that can adjust what the atmosphere and character like all the players want. And interestingly, here is a small gift if friends have completed the entire Visual Novel route. That is a video thank you for playing this Visual Novel. This time, this Visual Novel takes a flowchart system which is actually quite troublesome for lay players who still don’t understand. If you already understand, this flowchart feature will be the biggest helper, because we don’t need to be confused where to start, instead we will find out where we progress when playing Visual Novel. Moreover, even if you still use the choice system, there will be a reminder in the flowchart to remind the players where they are playing.

Is this full of mystery?

This Visual Novel is included in the mystery category. But unlike the mystery in general, this Visual Novel brings a mystery or a dark side to the Kisaragi family itself. The appearance of a ritual means that there is a curse that must be purified. Because the vocabulary is quite difficult it will make us difficult when playing it. The delivery of stories as well as the role of characters can make the players understand the problem of what is happening in this Visual Novel. Is this also one of the mystery stories that is in line with your expectations?

[From Onitan Hero Soft]


Title : Tsukikage no Simulacre -Kaihou no Hane- 
Original Title : 月影のシミュラクル -解放の羽-
Aliases : 月影幻像, 解放之羽
Play time  : Medium (20h>)
Developer : Applique
Language : Japanese

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  1. Extract files from rar folder.
  2. Make sure you have set Japanese Locale on your computer.
  3. Install mount with Power Iso or Daemon tools
  4. Click menu “setup” in BD-ROM Drive.
  5. 次へ Next →インストール Install → 閉じる Close.
  6. Enjoy the game.

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