How to run Japanese Visual Novels

How to run Japanese Visual Novels

A lot of people seems having difficulties when they want to play Japanese only Visual novels. This post exist to help you guys solve some common problem you guys encountered when installing Japanese visual novels.

Before you start installing visual novel, make sure you have all of this application or already follow all my settings here.

(If it is already installed on your PC, you don’t have to install it again.)
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What is Japanese Locale?

Japanese locale is a system that virtually place your Desktop in Japan and use Japanese Unicode. This is required for running Japanese Visual Novels because those Visual Novels can’t be run without using Japanese Locale because the visual novels must be run using Japanese Unicode and The desktop must be on Japanese region. Do not worry, because using Japanese locale don’t change the language of your desktop.

How to change my Locale to Windows 10/Windows 8.1 to Japanese?

It can be done using two methode, the first one is using Japanese Locale Emulator that you can get here Local Emulator and by changing your locale on windows setting. We recommend you to change locale using windows setting because you don’t have to use Japanese locale emulator anymore if you already using Japanese Locale on your system. Here’s how to change your system to Japanese locale.


  1. Open your windows settings >  Click “Time & Language
  2.  On the right side, choose “Administrative language settings
  3. Open “Administrative” and choose “Change system locale
  4. After you change your locale to japanese, you need to restart your Desktop to apply
    the locale.
  5. Click OK and confirm changes. * If there is a check in a check-box here talking about (Beta) UTF-8 / Unicode, then please remove the check.

・Tutorial change system local for windows 7/XP/Vista Click Here

How to Use DaemonTools.

What is .mdf and .iso file? File with .mdf and .iso format is basically a virtual disc that you can mount on your desktop. There’s some app that can mount virtual disc like DaemonTools and UltraISO. DaemonTools can mount both .mdf and .iso file meanwhile UltraISO can only mount .iso file.
DaemonTools is very easy to use. I’ll show you step by step how to use DaemonTools.
  1. Install DaemonTools, you can get it from here and choose your device Mac or Windows.
  2. After you install DaemonTools, open the app and it will show this page.
  3. After you open DaemonTools, open the file you want to mount.
  4. Select .mdf or .iso file from that folder then drag it to DaemonTools while DaemonTools is opened.
  5. If it’s mounted succesfully you’ll get the name of the .iso or .mdf file on DaemonTools like this.
  6. Then open your file explorer and choose BD-ROM drive on your file explorer.
  7. Within that drive you’ll find the installer for your Visual Novels. Install your Visual Novels with the drive still on. When the Visual Novel is done installing you can eject the drive.

How to use AlpharomDiE

Alpha ROM tutorial

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