In the middle of a family visit, a pair of masked children appear before Sahara Mai and beseech her to help their mother in pain. She follows them, only to soon find herself at a shrine deep within the mountains that she is not at all familiar with. Imigo, a resident of the shrine, is less than pleased to see Mai at his dwelling and sends her off, but some mysterious power seems to be keen on keeping her there. Only then does Imigo agree to help Mai find a way to leave the shrine safely, and thus begins their journey, with Mai taking a step towards discovering the truth behind her past.

Yotsume God runs on an energy system, where varying amounts of “spiritual power” is required to read a chapter (and is gradually recovered throughout the day). The time gating is a lot more lax than The Prison Boys or Tasokare Hotel (where you’re limited to reading five stages per day), so you could probably clear the entire story in a few days to a week. If you want to blast through it, the game has a paid item for unlimited “spiritual power”, letting you reread the story as and when you like without any energy consumption.

Yotsume God

The game has a handy “buy everything” package for ten bucks – you can remove advertisements, essentially reread the story any time you want without any limits, being able to skip through scenes when revisiting chapters, and having access to the special stories. I’d say that’s a pretty good deal, especially if you want to support SEEC with their releases! I can only hope unlimited energy as a paid element comes back in SEEC’s newer games, though that’s probably just wishful thinking, heh. I was very excited to pay for the game a second time upon finding out it came out in English. Thank you, SEEC. May you flourish and prosper.

[Taken from Kaede’s Blog]


Title : Yotsumegami
Original Title : 四ツ目神
Aliases : –
Play time  : Short (7h22m from 2 votes)
Developer : SEEC
Language : English, etc

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